Sacred Skiing Workshop


The use of listening skills to improve the skiing experience.

On the mountain, your body is in relationship with the environment. Telling the evironment what you want through action is only half of the relationship. The other half involves listening to what the things around you are saying and being able to respond.

In our busy western culture much of our attention is oriented outwards in action and skiing is no exception. There is, however, great value to be gained through quieting the mind and being receptive to what is being communicated by the things that surround us. What is the wind telling us? What is the snow saying? Is there a part of the mountain that is calling to you, ready to give you a gift? On the more micro level, what are your boots telling you? What are your skis saying to you and what is your relationship with them like? Are they listening to you? Are they talking back to you? What is the snow trying to tell you through your skis? Are you listening? Can you respond?

Sacred Skiing Workshops offer you an opportunity to become aware of your relationship to the mountain and to hear what the environment around you is trying to communicate, through active listening. Awareness brings the opportunity to make changes to the parts that are not working. Your skiing experience is transformed by being able to listen to and respond to all of the messages that are being offered to you.