Sacred Skiing Workshop


The relationship of what has gone before with our experience of the present.

The ancestor spirits represent ancient knowledge that is accessible to us in the present time. While skiing is a relatively modern sport, the knowledge, spirit and passion of those who have gone before is a remarkably valuable asset. By opening ourselves up to a relationship with those who have gone before us, we provide a foundation for the invention of a new more informed and creative adventure in the present.


Skiing in a Sacred Way evening activities will include opportunities to attend lectures and movies on the history of skiing, and the spirit and experience of skiing's pioneers.


Our present moment experience is affected by what has happened before. We would not be here in this place doing what we are doing were it not for those who have come before us. These ones have valuable information and experience which is useful to us; and available. Ancestor Day is an opportunity to explore our relationship to those who came before us and to honor them for the gifts that they have given us.