Sacred Skiing Logistics

Workshop Formats

Skiing in a Sacred Way workshops are offered in three session formats, 'One Day', 'Multi Day', and 'The Full Monte'.


The single day format provides a great framework for an introduction to the Sacred Skiing experience.


The multi day workshops are an opportunity for a deeper immersion into the concepts and experience of sacred skiing.


The 'Full Monte' workshops are an opportunity for a full immersion into the Sacred Skiing experience.

Individual and Private Group Sessions

Skiing in a Sacred Way workshop rates are dependent on local conditions and the workshop structure. Individual rates start at $65/hour, group rates start at $45/person/hour. Please contact Spark for an estimate for your session or group. The sessions will be based on the workshop framework elaborated upon in the Workshop links and content will be adapted to the time available from one day to multiple days.

The general requirements are: