Sacred Skiing

Skiing in a Sacred Way

Consider those special moments when, in the process of skiing, you have been struck by the particular beauty of the current moment in time. Perhaps it was an awe inspiring view from the top of a mountain, or the way the snow had crowned the trees in a secluded glade, the magic of a sunrise or sunset, the magnificence of a blue sky day in the mountains, or simply some great turns successfully completed. These are all deeply spiritual experiences which we will carry with us always.

For many, there is no place where recreation rejuvenates and reinvigorates us more than on the ski slopes. Perhaps it is time to consider that the sport of skiing which we enjoy beyond measure is inherently a spiritual pursuit which we have just not recognized as such.

In many First Nations traditions, there was no separation between what was sacred and daily life. Each daily activity was engaged in with a recognition of its significance in the realm of the spiritual and the deeper meaning of it in relationship to everything else, as well as its practical aspects for sustaining physical life. This approach to life and consciousness is sometimes referred to as “Walking in a Sacred Way”.

The Skiing in a Sacred Way workshops ask “What does it mean to ski in a sacred way?”, and explore how we can go about this recreational activity with an eye toward maximizing our awareness of its sacred nature and our understanding of our relationship to ourselves and the environment around us.

Join with me as we explore and seek answers to this question and share with each other our love of the gifts that winter has to offer and the pleasures of being fully alive.

David 'Spark' Livermore